Sometimes It Snows in April

Madison Kuhlmann, News Editor

One thing that makes Prince, the Prince so many people know and love is his unmistakable creativity: “All the good things they say, never last, and love, it isn’t love until it’s past.” And even though this isn’t one of his most popular songs, fans can ultimately relate this week after the tragic news that Prince has passed on.
At age 57 this star who brought not only his own generation, but those to follow as well, to a whole new era of creativity and personality, has been removed from the physical realm. Most widely known for songs like “1999” and “I Wanna be Your Lover” Prince dedicate his life to making a statement. As long as he encouraged people to be themselves and live life to its fullest potential he would say his goals were satisfied.
Cody Chong (12) said, “Prince was one of the few artists who truly embraced his uniqueness and refused to conform to what society wanted. Though he was an amazingly talented singer, guitarist, and icon who taught many people to embrace their sexuality, his dogged determination to maintain his individuality is what I’ll remember the most.” This being said he was, probably, one of the most memorable inspirations of a century.
“Prince was a huge factor for many of the musical breakthroughs that inspire popular music today, and it will be a while before artists find the same inspiration from another,” said Bryant Nugent (12).
Earlier this month he was traveling and reported unresponsive, there was an emergency landing followed by treatment for the flu. Though there remains an air of mystery to the untimely demise of the star, most tabloids are attributing at least part of the conclusion to a lack of sleep. It has been reported that he was awake for an extremely extended period of time working on an autobiography and an album both of which were expected to be released next year.
Estevan Atencio (11) said, “It’s a shame we’ll never fully read the autobiography.” Many of the people around him at the time simply nodded their heads in agreeance.
Despite the hole in the hearts of many, some fans and even peers are still outraged about the cancellation of a concert earlier this month and the late manuscript for his autobiography.
At least the mark left on music is sure to outlast even his original generation, and his music will continue to hold sway over the all-time billboards. And with a heavy sigh the beginning of “Sometimes it Snows in April” still reigns true “I guess he’s better off than he was before,” especially when his recent medical state has been taken into consideration.