NHS Saving Lives


Cherokee Hernandez, Staff Writer

Forget “Got milk,” the new slogan around West is “Got blood?” NHS (National Honors Society) hosted its annual blood drive in partnership with UCLA  here at West on April 13, 2016.

     Daily reminders have been made for this event in order to gain as many potential donors as possible. Students and members of faculty are encouraged to donate blood in order to hopefully save up to seven lives each. “This has been going on for as long as NHS has been at West,” said Ryota Nishishiba (12).

    Blood drives are a common thing in high schools as it increases awareness of the high demand of blood donors. Romone Raz (UCLA Nurse) shared, “ I have been doing this in high schools for over 10 years and for 5 years at UCLA. My goal for today is to collect as many units as possible.”

    The blood drive had an expected 220 students to donate with an unknown amount of faculty donors. This was a large increase from last years blood drive which had an outcome of 150 student donors with an unknown amount of faculty donors. NHS enjoys putting on the annual blood drive due to its prominent success with UCLA.

     Blood drives are a great way to spread awareness of the need of donors across the nation. “I donate because of the well being of others, my blood benefits everyone because I have type O,” said Jaena Young (12). Blood drives are also a great way to teach students more about the importance of donating blood.

    Overall the annual blood drive here at West is always a success, showing how Warriors come together to support a community for a good cause. “ I entered this field because of the satisfaction of helping others, donating blood really does save lives,” said Jessica (UCLA Phlebotomist). For more information on blood drives go to http://gotblood.ucla.edu.