Spring Fling is Here… and Break!

Rachel Kim, Editor-in-Chief

 Spring break starts tomorrow which means today West High hosted their annual Spring Fling. With extended lunch, every student and faculty member was invited to buy food, drinks and even receive henna from the students who participated in the event. Annabelle Tran (9) said, “Spring Fling was a nice way for us to begin our much needed break.”

  Throughout the days leading up to Spring Fling, ASB sold tickets for one dollar each in order for students to buy their desired treat on Friday (tickets were also available during the event).

  Friendship Club sold Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and board member, Louise Cuaresma (10), said, “[Spring Fling] was definitely a lot more hectic than our club anticipated. We sold all our doughnuts in about 30 minutes so I got to relax and enjoy the other foods provided.”

  Interact board member, Derek Morimoto (11), said “The event went well and it was nice to see students supporting all the clubs.” Interact sold Taco Bell and, like Friendship Club, ran out during the first half of lunch.

  All in all, Spring Fling was a success with clubs and classes making a profit, and also a great transition to the week long break.