Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Caucus


Ellen Butler, Staff Writer

Monday, February 1st was the date of the Iowa Caucus.
At about eight p.m., Ted Cruz was announced the leading Republican candidate, obtaining 27.6% of the votes and a total of eight delegates. Following Cruz’s lead was Donald Trump, with 24.3% of the votes and seven delegates, Marco Rubio, with 23.1% of the votes and seven delegates as well.
The results of the Iowa Caucus shocked many, especially after announcing the unsuspected lead Cruz was able to gain over Trump.
Trump was livid about the results; announcing via Twitter that Senator Cruz was a fraud and either, “a new election should take place or Cruz results should be nullified.” The assumptions made by Trump seem to be purely based off of jealousy and poor sportsmanship.
Public opinion on campus seemed to be very different than Trump’s. Charlie Curtice (11), proud Republican and Trump supporter, stated that he had no problem with Cruz winning the caucus. “You can’t go wrong with either Cruz or Trump,” said Curtice, “Cruz seems to be more conservative than Trump, so I was happy either way.” People leaning right on the political spectrum, just like Curtice, would probably have the same opinion.
Some democrats on campus, for example Mrs. Hague, feel indifferent to the news. Mrs. Hague said she “had no opinion” on the topic because she felt that either way, “a Republican isn’t going to be elected this term.”
Opposing the Republican point of view, viewers were completely are livid. Barbara Lopez (10) claims that Cruz is a “Crazy Canadian only telling people what they want to hear.” Lopez goes on to explain that the winners of the Iowa Caucus usually are not elected; yet the lead Cruz had on Trump was a bit frightening.