Russian Jet Shot Down by Turkish Forces

Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

   On November 24th, Turkish forces shot down a Russian fighter jet invading its airspace after numerous warnings .

    A Russian fighter jet was flying towards Syria when it “ignored several warnings that it was nearing, then entering Turkish airspace” (Los Angeles Times). The two pilots parachuted out of the jet before it was shot down by Turkish forces, one killed by gunfire from ground forces, while the other was rescued. Turkey’s removal of the jet was done in response to the fact that the jet had not received permission to enter Turkish airspace. Besides Russia’s prevalent back and forth differences with America, and and it’s support of Syrian dictator, Bashar Assad, Turkey’s actions against the fighter jet has led to more issues regarding Russia’s activity. Russia’s responded to Turkey by establishing economic sanctions, restricting Turkey and its citizens.

   Much like Turkey’s decision to shoot down the fighter jet, Russia’s imposing economic sanctions were also enforced as a repercussion. These economic sanctions include the termination of labor contracts for Turkish people currently working in Russia, bans on some goods, and cancellation of all chartered flights between the two countries (New York Times). Vladimir Putin sought this course of action as a punishment for Turkey’s actions as he accused the country of siding with ISIS and called its actions, “a stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices” (Los Angeles Times). Landon Smith (12), in response, said, “I can see why Russia reacted so curtly, given their involvement in the Middle East.” He added that the “countermeasures Russia enforced on Turkey were, although a bit major, understandable at the current point in time.”

    The economic sanctions Russia now imposes on Turkey are putting restraints on both countries’ economies. Before this incident occurred, Russia had been experiencing economic decline (Los Angeles Times). Anders Asland, an expert on the Russian economy, has stated that, “ [Russia’s] big problems are economic growth and the standard of living, which will deteriorate.” Vladimir Putin will have to somehow get Russia out of the economic decline they are facing, and have to also deal with the international mess they are currently in.