PowderPuff Preview

Rachel Kim, Editor-in-Chief

  Football players have always had unconditional support from the cheerleaders. But on Thursday, December 17 get ready to see manleaders cheering on the girl footballers.

 Yes, that’s right.The 2016 senior class will be participating in the annual powderpuff football game during lunch. Students of West High will gather in the football stadium to cheer on the seniors at their final school football game.

 In West High, powderpuff is a flag football game between a few girls of the senior class. During the game, students will watch the manleaders – male seniors that get dressed in cheer uniforms – and they will lead the student body with popular routines and cheers throughout the event.

The two teams this year will be led by seniors Michael Timmerman, Cody Wissler, and Nathan Lima – for team 1 – and for team 2 the coaches are Denver Silverlake, Bobby Fujioka, Kris Lofton, and Mo Awadallah. Coach, Nathan Lima, said that training the girls has been fun and although the girls have not had a lot of experience on the field, when they practice, “they cooperate really well and waste no time.” Lima is proud to coach the girls and said, “I feel like my coaches when they first taught me football. It is a fun experience and I hope my girls go out and win.”

The girls are all fired up for the big game. Footballer for team 2, Shelby Bellomo (12) said, “I can’t wait for the real [game].” Bellomo knows that the game will be tough, but said, “With our great coaches and teammate I believe that we will win if we stay focused throughout the plays.”

Similarly team 1 baller, Dakota Jones (12), also trusts her teammates and like Bellomo, believes that her team may win the game. “Our team is strong. We have a lot of great athletes which is a nice advantage,” said Jones. However she also indicated that “team 2 also has strong athletes so it could be anyone’s game.”

Don’t miss out on a chance to see your 2016 female footballers and manleaders battling it out. The game is for free so come support the seniors and the school on December 16!