Testing 1, 2, 3

Testing 1, 2, 3

Issa Sy, Staff Writer

  The auditions for the Battle of the Bands have ended with several bands jamming their way to the final event.

  After completing the first step to getting in, the competition between the chosen bands is stiff.  All the band members are excited and confident to shine with great music.  

  “Personally [in the past five years], I have received every place.  I have gotten first, second, third, and nothing in every Battle of the Bands.  So what are going to get this time?  I don’t know,” said Kaleb Davies, lead singer and bassist of the 131ers, and a graduate of West in class of 2015.  

  The 131ers rocked together as an indie rock band for four to five years with Emily Evans, a senior at West, and Ryan Dawson, also a graduate of 2015.  At the auditions, they performed their original song, “Weekend,” which is part of their new album “Leavin.’” It can be found on their website, the131ers.com.  The 131ers radiate freedom and humor while setting a comfortable atmosphere with their friendly demeanors.

  The 131ers isn’t the only band that formed in high school and is performing outside the Battle of the Bands.  Change the Tides, a pop punk / post hardcore band, has played three concerts, including a few Sam Ash open mic nights.  They also write their own songs and have produced a total of six with various, inspiring meanings.  They hope the audience sees and understands their songs’ messages behind the screams.

  At the auditions, they performed their song, “Tribe of Real Buffoons,” which is about friends overcoming every obstacle the world has thrown at them.  “It felt really good [to perform at the auditions] because even though our music isn’t much like what gets bought on iTunes these days, the people judging seemed thoroughly impressed and complimented us on how prepared and into we seemed to be,” said Chris Ludwig (11), bass guitarist of Change the Tides.

  Not all of the songs performed were originals played by the bands.  The alternative rock band, Bria and the Boothes, covered well-known songs such as “Hotel California” by the Eagles and “Sweet Child O Mine” by Guns N Roses.  They also played their original song, “The Way You Used To.”  

  Although there wasn’t much of an audience at the auditions, Bria and the Boothes can’t wait to play their song for the first time live.  “If I can go somewhere with music, I would like that but I’m okay with keeping it a hobby,” said Daniel Parr (11), bassist of Bria and the Boothes.  

  Despite being high school students, they’re still amazing performers practicing to play for the spectacular event.  With too much talent and not enough places to win, it’s all or nothing.