New Assistant Principal, Mr. Evans, Ready to Take Charge.

Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

  Assistant Principal Mr. Evans is a familiar face for many students at West High School. He has taught some of the most advanced English classes the campus had to offer.

  With Mrs. Girgis, the previous Assistant Principal, deciding to become the principal of Hull Middle School, this year, Mr. Evans decided to shift gears. He knows his way around West, enough to call it home, after teaching for more than 20 years, as his intention is to make this a year in which he helps students succeed the best he can and promote the culture on campus, like “the mini-society” he feels it is.

  Mr. Evans noted that jumping from being a teacher to becoming an assistant principal he had the same workload as a teacher, he was already involved in many activities including reporting to the District to help teachers and the English Department improve with the new Common Core Curriculum. He said, “I have many more significant responsibilities that have much more of an impact than before.” Such activities include, “prominent legal and safety issues, so I need to help others be aware of them” (Mr. Evans). His experience from being a teacher gives him more insight on decisions he might make for the school, faculty, and students.

  Mr. Evans hopes to establish better environment for students so that he can do whatever he can to usher them on to a productive and fortunate future. Mr. Evans tries to, “help support the work that has been happening at West High to get them [students] better prepared for college and career” (Mr. Evans). He said his personal goal is, “to support every student to be allowed to reach the standards set for them, and even exceed them if possible”.

  As he wishes students to be academically responsible, he addressed the expectations of students as to support them when they need the extra help. In doing so, Mr. Evans said, “I’m pretty amazed when seniors can tell exactly what they want to do because when I was a senior, I was still unsure”. By finding this out, it only gives him more of a reason to put his time, effort, and money for the potential of the next generation of high schoolers as he tries to help them in whatever way he can, to support and help them along the way, to a bright, new future.