Modernizing Del Amo

Cherokee Hernandez, Staff Writer

Our famous Del Amo Fashion Center has been renovated! The mall is set to open October 9, with a brand new Nordstrom, nearly 100 new fashion retailers in a new wing, 16 new stores and restaurants.

“Exciting. this is new and fresh, I can’t wait to go shopping in the new Nordstrom,” according to Theresa Gereaux a school staff member.

The maze of hallways has been switched to sleek and airy glass and skylight accented corridors, high-tech green walls, and air conditioning.

“I can’t wait until it opens, hopefully it will have free WiFi in all the new stores and restaurants,” said Kalei Atkinson (11).

Most stores and restaurants will be opening on October 9 along with the new two story Nordstrom. Unfortunately others will take longer to get ready.

“Hopefully we notice the multi million dollar makeover, just from the construction I can tell it’s going to be great,” said Michael Silva (9).

This was a $300 million make over of the 130 acre Hawthorne Boulevard property that began two years ago. Well the wait is almost over! Are you ready for the new and improved Del Amo?