Top 15 Rally Engages with Social Media

Jessica Zhou, Staff Writer

  The first rallies of the year, for as long as students have remembered, have always been related to the upcoming Homecoming dance. Preparations are underway as Warriors look forward to the announcement of the Top 15 for Homecoming Court.

  Typical rally activities include performances by the various arts programs at school, frenzied class competitions, announcements by ASB members, representation of student athletes from every Fall sport, concluded by the singing of the Alma Mater, accompanied by the marching band, and punctuated by that memorable trio of thudding stomps.

  Aside from traditional activities, Warriors should keep an eye out and expect chances to flex their social media muscles for two separate occasions. The first being an opportunity to win a free pair of tickets to Homecoming.

  “You’re supposed to post a small clip of your asking [on Instagram], tag it #westhc2015, and the most liked photo gets free tickets,” hinted Senior Vice President Justine Hu (12), who is in charge of Homecoming with Senior President Peter Song (12).

  Second, Torrance CitiCable channel which will be filming West High students during the rally (as well as at the football game) in a spirit competition between all of the Torrance high schools. Additionally, students will be able to contribute pictures with a designated hashtag on social media and broadcast their school pride beyond the gates of campus (hashtag to be announced at the rally).

  Acknowledging the intrigue surrounding the enigmatic orange Homecoming teaser posters of clocks posted throughout school, Brandon Wolfson (12), Secretary of Multimedia, said, “At the end of the play prod skit, [ASB is] going to reveal the Homecoming theme.”

  Before this big reveal, there will be the signature Homecoming Skit, featuring two leads, male and female, with their respective alliterative names. In a unique twist however, Play Prod will be performing in collaboration with Hip Hop, a dynamic duo, amongst one of several aspects of the rally Secretary of Spirit Alanna Bledman (12) believes will be sure to delight.

  “I feel like this is just going to be a fun rally, and prizes are going to be given to people in the crowd!” she said.

  With Bledman at the forefront of the coordinating of and opportunities for students to interact both virtually and physically with the rally, students can anticipate being entertained and engaged throughout what will be the first of many spirited and bustling occasions in West’s gym to come.