West High Play Production presents “Broadway: A Class Assignment”

Nicole Rivera, Staff Writer

 Starting Tuesday March 24, West High students, teachers, and parents can attend the West High Spring musical, Broadway: A Class Assignment, in the Scarlata theatre. The play centers around a student who is assigned to pick his favorite time period of musical theatre – ”golden age”, “rock ‘n’ roll”, or “contemporary”. The play features numerous acts and numbers from many well-known broadway plays, like Hair, Aladdin, Wicked, and Chicago.

Mia Commins (12) said, my favorite part of being in the play are “all of the songs we sing. There’s this one duet I sing with Kaleb Davies (12), that is so fun to do. I just like when we all sing as a group and when it sounds good, it just gives me chills.”

This musical displays a wide variety of music as well as the history of musical theatre. Christina Cucho (12) said, I’d “want the audience to gain more knowledge and respect for musical theatre. It isn’t just jazz-squares and showtunes. There’s a lot more behind it and I hope the audience enjoys what they see when they watch the musical.”

  West High Play Production and Mrs. Orabuena, the drama teacher at West, has put a lot of work and time into making an enjoyable Spring Musical. It’s a very fun yet informative play and they encourage everyone to come and support all of their hard work.