Three-in-One: Trio, the Multitasking App for the Social Media Guru

Clara Chin, Staff Writer

A social media wiz might struggle deciding whether to post a picture, a text post, or a video to express a thought. But with Trio, an app released on March 4th, one can use all three modes simultaneously.

81% of teenagers participate some form of social media, according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project. Because of the increasing usage, Trio was born as a way to link web media. Users can combine photos on Instagram, music on iTunes, and GIFs on Giphy into 15-30 second videos, then share them with their friends. Trio melds together practical functions and features from social media platforms across the board—short videos like Vine (albeit slightly longer), linking other websites like Pinterest, and sharing photos like Instagram.

The app was created by Meograph CEO Misha Leybovich and CTO Clay Garrett over a period of about a year. Through Trio, Leybovich and Garrett are providing a new mode of social creativity. People can combine already existing-material in a unique way.    The primary goal of Trio is to provide a stage for the imagination. The app makes creation accessible to the average teenager in both concept and speed.

“You don’t have to go out and do awesome things all the time. It doesn’t require you to have a photographer’s eye or know how to shoot a video,” said Leybovich. “The world of popular media [is] at your fingertips and [you have] this playground where you can express yourself really easily,” said Leybovich.

According to Leybovich, media mash-ups—combinations of videos, pictures, etc.—are already popular amongst teenagers, but they are often too difficult to produce. With the potential for half-minute videos, 12 thumbnails on a screen at once, and user-friendly interface, Trio cuts down production time to about 2 minutes. Leybovich and Garrett hope to decrease the time aspect further.

“It sounds useful for people that are into social media, [and] very time efficient too,” said Adela Ahn (12).

Another singular element to Trio is its synergistic effects on the relationship between consumer and sellers. Trio users will be exposed to new material after watching videos that their friends post. They can easily access links to the original content and purchase material. According to Leybovich, 35% of their 1800 test users who clicked on Trio music links made purchases of the songs they heard. Additionally, Leybovich said, “We provide a way for you to interact with your favorite brands and companies.”

The mode of communication is rapidly changing in this new technological age. “Social media is a window into my social life,” said student Brendan Fawley (12). It is thus especially necessary for social media to evolve and become more streamline.

Trio enables “having the world of popular media at your fingertips and having this playground where you can express yourself really easily,” said Leybovich. Armed with just a phone and the Trio app, users can create personalized content in a relatively short period of time, expressing thoughts and feelings in a fast-paced world.

The creators can be contacted at [email protected].