West High’s Got Talent

Alyna Kim , Staff Writer

   The West High Talent Show 24 was held in the Pavillion last Friday night. Reiko Yoshizawa was the MC for the night and the show consisted of thirteen acts featuring a mixture of dancing, singing, instrumentals, and even gloving.  Four of the thirteen acts were encore performances given by Moira Camacho and Nicole Rivera, Danny Enos, Ethan Laster, Brett O’Brien, and Mikado Teodora, Kaleb Davies, and the 7 West High Warriors + 5. In addition, art, costume, and ceramics entries flanked the aisles.

The presentation of the awards came shortly after the final performance and curtain call.  Kaleb Davies won 1st place in the musical category with his performance of “Follow the Sun,” an original piece, and “Hallelujah” as performed by Jeff Buckley.  Lindsey Beckmeyer won 1st place in the 2-D art category with a self portrait and Erin Lee took 1st place in the variety category with her piano performance of Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu.”  Ling Ye won 1st place in ceramics, and Kat Garnet was awarded 1st place in the fashion exhibition. “I’m very stunned.  I never thought I was going to get anything,” Beckmeyer (11) said. “I am very happy.” Davies (12) added, “It was a good last talent show, I think.  I’ve performed every year.  [It’s my] first time doing it alone, though, so that was kind of different. I didn’t expect [to win] this year, because I was alone.”

The musical performances were varied and many, ranging from passionate renditions of classical pieces to softer pop crooning to raw original songs.  The variety of performances similarly brought a liveliness to the stage that left the audience cheering for more. “It was a good show this year. [It was] short, nice, [and] everyone was really committed,” said Davies.

Sound design was run by Nathan Crow, the tech crew was driven by Mrs. Orabuena and the Play Production Students, and the Choir Club sponsored the program.  A huge thanks was also extended to the custodial staff and Sergio Burciaga, as well as Christy Orabuena, Mary Lange, Joyce Kim, Jessica Cheung, and Laurie Paolozzi, who helped out as judges.