First Rally: Introducing the Top 15

Photo Credits: Gillian Navarro

Photo Credits: Gillian Navarro

Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer

Kicking off the first of many, students at West attended the first rally of the year. The gym was filled with spirited students and “it was cool to see almost everyone wearing their class colors with pride.” Chelsea Pearson (12). The rally started off with a bang as the cheerleaders performed to the popular song “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj. After their performance, the Fall sports teams were introduced, as is tradition for every first rally. Then another integral part of rallies began, class comps. Representatives from each grade were chosen to do an obstacle course and the students in the stands cheered enthusiastically for their reps.

  Alex Defabio (10) said “I enjoyed watching the juniors beat the seniors in the class games.”

After the games, play production came out to give a performance about a boy trying desperately to ask a girl to homecoming. Since the main focus of this rally was to announce the homecoming top 15, the play was relatable and students loved the performance.

The Top 15 were announced by Coach Holt and as the couples gathered, students in the stands cheered for their fellow classmates. As a freshman attending his first rally Michael Lund (9) said, “it was fun-filled and there was a lot of spirit.”  By the end of the rally, students were wiped out from cheering and chanting but they had one last burst of excitement when the all-male choreo group performed. Their performance ended the rally on a high note and left everyone excited for the rallies to follow.