ASB: Room For Improvement


Photo Creds: Nicole Rivera

Nicole Rivera, Staff Writer

West High’s ASB comes up with announcement videos filled with silly skits and exciting upcoming events as often as once a month. These “promo videos” are meant to inform as well as entertain and are usually anticipated among students; but the first promo video of the year left a lot to be desired.

Jae’l Nixon (11) said, “I feel like they need to work on being a little more energetic when they’re talking about upcoming things like rallies and homecoming. They seemed a little awkward.”

Although this year’s homecoming theme, Luminosity, seems that it will be a major success, some would say that its delivery lacked enthusiasm and could have definitely been improved.

Selma Kadric (11) suggested, “I think we need more to add more people in the videos and have them perform a skit, maybe? They could also film other places in the school instead of focusing on one person for most of the video.”

Besides some technical difficulties in certain classrooms, other students thought the promo video was quite entertaining. Mia Wyatt (11) said, “I thought the video was good.  I thought Jackie Pan [Secretary of Spirit] was really funny. The theme and the video were cute!” Some students enjoy watching the videos while other students find it dull and quite frankly annoying.

    The main purpose of these promo videos is to provide students information about upcoming events in a way that would entertain and encourage students to participate in school activities. For the next video, Hopefully ASB applies suggestions given from students for the next video and successfully motivate West High for all of our future activities.