Point of the Matter

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Jeremy Lim, Staff Writer/Photographer

On Saturday, January 18, 2014, seven delegates from West High’s Model
United Nations Club went to Mission Viejo High School to take part in
their 31st Annual Model U.N. Conference. Coincidentally, 31 high
schools from L.A. and Orange County participated throughout the day.

From 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., delegates discussed various world issues
and occurrences ranging from the use of nuclear weapons, to commercial
whaling. Such topics have various outlooks and positions, but that’s
exactly why they are worth conversing about. Rahul Chandrupatla (12)
brought up, “understanding problems around the world, and problems of
the past can give us knowledge of how to prevent similar problems in
the future.” We can eliminate many issues if we learn from our past
and discuss them in depth.

With one-minute discussion intervals, each Model U.N. Delegate had the
chance to speak and give their logical response. Chris Gonzalez (11)
responded, “It’s important to discuss world politics. Today’s youth is
surprisingly disconnected when it comes to politics in general. It is
a good experience to help us have a better understanding.” It’s highly
educational and informative to know what’s happening in today’s world.
Knowing what’s occurring ensures us knowledge of formidable changes.
Christina Cheng (11) commented strongly, “It’s not good to be ignorant
and close-minded to what’s going on in Torrance or even in just
California. We need to be more exposed to the outer parts of where we
live.” Having an open mind and spirit will determine your outlook on
the world.

Model U.N. will continue to discuss and evaluate issues and problems
occurring in our world past and present. The club is hoping to become
a harbinger to provide the solutions to world problems.