Spring Spirit

Connie Chung, Staff Writer

It’s the final week before spring break as students sit restlessly in their classes, pleading the clock to move an inch quicker. This week, students were given the opportunity to unwind by participating in our annual Spring Spirit Week.

On Monday, students strutted down the halls in their favorite sports jersey and leaped into Tuesday wearing their neon workout gear. Although many students have ultimately dressed up once or twice during the week, Jackie Pan (10) stated, “the ideas are pretty good and they’re fun and all, but I feel like West just lacks a bit of school spirit.” Pan also emphasized the need to improve the advertising through video broadcasts and posters scattered throughout campus, as did Chuck Driesler (11) who said, “The only thing they really can do to improve is better advertising, but at this point that’s basically screaming it into everyone’s face one by one.” Obviously, advertising proves to be one of the most challenging aspects of this year’s spirit week.

Despite a lack of advertisements, many have thoroughly enjoyed the upbeat events, especially Wednesday’s Pink Day. For those that missed the reference, the day was contrived from the popular movie Mean Girls. Driesler said, “The first few days were kind of iffy, but pink day was really awesome so far. And I know a bunch of my friends and I are dressing really fancy for Dress to Impress day.”

The trend of eventful dressing continued on Thursday with students arriving in their best clothes.  Many male students could be seen with bowties of all sorts and girls wore dresses and high heels to celebrate this special day.

Spirit Week ends tomorrow with “Hawaiian Beach Day.” Come out in your best Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts and celebrate the last day of the third quarter.