Pursuing Proper Parenting

Kristin Corse, Staff Writer

Most parents would say that every day brings new adventures in the parenting world like helping with homework or taking care sick kids. However, some parents are making their own parenting choices such as selling their toddler to porn and escaping over a million dollars in child support payments.

In Gary, Indiana, twenty-four year old mother, Natasha Hillard, sold her one and a half year old baby to Christopher Bour online. Hillard sold her baby to Bour enabling him to feature the toddler in porn. On nbcnews.com, Hillard is charged with selling her baby girl to Bour and “permitting the girl to participate in the production of child pornography.” As for Bour, the thirty-nine year old is charged with “production of child pornography, purchasing a child for the production child pornography and the possession of child pornography.” Hillard and Bour both pleaded not guilty to their charges on Monday and a trial is scheduled to start on May 13th.

While Bour and Hillard deal with child pornography charges, fifty-year old Robert Sands of New York is charged with evading his child support payments — $1.2 million to be exact. After spending most of 2012 on the Office of the Inspector General’s “Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents” list, Sands did not know where to draw the line. After leaving his children in New York, Sands fled to Florida in an attempt to escape his pile of child support bills. Believing Florida was not far enough, Sands flew overseas to the Kingdom of Thailand to escape the warrants out for his arrest in 2000 and 2002. According to villagevoice.com, Sands was finally arrested “during a trip from Thailand to the Philippines for not having proper identification.” Sands is also scheduled for sentencing in May.

On the other end of the parenting spectrum, two mothers in Pennsylvania turned in their thirteen and fourteen year old sons who were caught on surveillance footage stealing money from a nine year old girl. After learning of the crime their children committed, the mothers took their sons to the police department and turned them in. Their charges have yet to be released.

Whether parents choose to sell their children to porn or turn their children in to the police to teach them a lesson, American parenting is often in the news for extreme circumstances. What side of the spectrum do your parents fall? And how would you feel if when you grow up, you find out that you mother sold you to porn or that your father was trying to evade child support by running around the world?