A Night in Another Dimension

Kevin JB Kim, Staff Writer

The music was blaring, students were dancing, and the teachers were hunting. West High’s Homecoming, Another Dimension, was held in the gym on Saturday, October 27th, 2012.from 7:30 to 10:30 PM. Most students, freshman to senior, agreed that homecoming was a success.

Jessica Ho (12), a member of the Top Five Homecoming court, stated, “Homecoming was great! However, going for the third time loses its excitement. Nonetheless, I had a memorable last homecoming.” Joe Lee (9) explained that the dance was a “memorable experience” that he will remember for the rest of his high school life. No matter the grade, these students enjoyed homecoming.

Many believed that the dance policy indeed followed. Eddie Lee (12) stated, “The dance policy was followed, those that did not follow the dance policy had their bracelet cut by the teachers.” Some “rebels” like Jerry Lee (12), stated that “[he] danced and followed the dance policy for about 10 minutes” and got his bracelet cut. Lee continued, “Homecoming was great with my date, but extremely disappointing to see many teachers and adults. I was more worried about getting my wristband cut off than having fun.”

When asked if the students would want to go the next homecoming, Ho stated, “I would go next year, but I’m no longer going to be in high school anymore.” Briana Jackson (10) agreed with Ho, “I would totally go again. I had an awesome time with my friends and my date.” Homecoming proved to be a wonderful time for those that went.