Del Amo’s Newest Store

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

Typo – no, this isn’t referring to those annoying little mistakes you make in an English essay every now and then. Typo is a recently opened stationary store that sells a plethora of handy, efficient room and office supplies including writing tools, interior design kits, photo fames and albums, satchels, book bags, laptop cases, mugs, folders, clocks, and journals.

Interestingly, Typo is headed by the clothing company Cotton On and is an Australian-based franchise, as all its products are imported straight from the country. First opened on January 16th in Del Amo Mall, the growing franchise became the first ever store located in the United States with other branches residing in both Australia and Hong Kong. A second Typo store, located in San Francisco, opened a few weeks after the Del Amo Typo store.

The store is vintage-themed with a slight modern twist and the store’s stationery is intricately designed to match. A variety of the store’s products are strategically displayed. Furthermore, the store is ideal for everyone: students, teachers, business owners, writers, and artists alike.

Store Manager Nilza Rocque stated, “I absolutely love this store. There is just so much to look at. Every item, article, product is designed in such a way whereby you simply want to stop, pick it up, and look at it. Contrary to popular belief, Typo is not simply a stationery store. There’s something for everyone – for people who uphold interests, hobbies, or careers in scrapbooking, artistry, reading, writing, and interior design – we have it all.” Despite being here in the United States for only a little over 3 months, Typo is rapidly accumulating fame. Its cool atmosphere and antique-themed design enchants customers. Along with having been a commercial success, Typo has also presented opportunities to win prizes, all while doing what interest the customer. The store is heavily focused on the individual, as there are products for anyone and anything. Typo recently announced its 28-day ‘Typo Capture’ challenge, in which the applicants submit photograph entries that define or capture their day in a nutshell. Each day presents a different theme, some of which include “Where You Write”, “The Contents of your Satchel”, “Best Way to Start your Day”, and “What Inspires You.” Each day, there are different prize winners based on the individual who best captured the day’s theme through his or her photography.

Overall, Typo is an amazing store and is quickly making its way to the top. If you are interested in checking the store, Typo is in close proximity to the food court and is directly across Lids. Additionally, do not hesitate to enter                                                           the ‘Typo-Capture’ challenge, which last up until May. Have fun shopping!