A Splendid or Studious Spring Break?

Zirwa Kainat, Staff Writer

   Spring Break is right around the corner. After the stressful month of March, everyone is looking forward to relaxing, doing homework, or cramming for tests.

   There are quite a few students who will be traveling during spring break this year. However, it depends on the different classes that each student has. For example, some juniors will be looking at colleges, others studying for AP tests, and even others doing practice SAT tests. Sophomores will be in preparation for the coming years while freshman and seniors will be relaxing, because they have just started or are almost done with high school; either way, it doesn’t matter.

   On the other hand, there are some students, regardless of which grade they are in, who would just like to, “to hang out with friends and relax.” This includes Jenny Chase (11) who commented, “I’m going to just relax from school and homework. I’m also going to just hang out with friends and when we meet up we just try to find something fun to do.” Clara Chin (9), on the other hand, shared that, “[She] will be practicing for her State Competition and preparing for another tournament for Debate.”

   Many people cannot decide what they want to do over their break until the time actually comes, like Alex Valladares (11) who stated, “Each day is going to be different, but mostly I’m going to do homework and relax.” Or one can be like Priyanka Das (11) who complained, “My break is going to be hectic! [I will be] studying for SAT, AP tests, and finishing my yearbook editor tryouts. Nope. There will be absolutely no fun for me!”

   Whether students are relaxing, studying, or hanging out with friends, they plan to enjoy their break.