How Much for a Teacher?

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

At school, students are constantly surrounded by teachers every hour, waiting for the day to end.  However, this isn’t the case for teachers who are constantly bombarded with compliments from the students.

At the last rally, Mr. Evans presented himself with two champagne glasses and some cheese, to please the crowd of West High. For the highest bidder, he promised to have casual talks, and even talk about writing a good essay. As humorous as he was, students cheered mostly for being able to win a special lunch date. Principal Mr. Egan and Vice Principal Ms. Yoo were introducing the first ever teacher auction. Students would be able to bid on teachers such as Mr. Evans and Mr. Phelps in order to win a group lunch date. All classes were intrigued by this and were excited to compete to win a teacher. The auction would take place online as silent and anonymous, where students could place several prices. The highest price by the end of March is the winner. Understandably, the auction is tempting for the students to win a magical lunch date with their favorite teacher. All proceeds will go to West High. The auction plans to motivate students to donate money in return for our most handsome teachers.

   Mani Wullscheleger (11) commented, “I was honestly so excited to hear this. Now I have to save all my money to eat lunch with Mr. Phelps!” But what most students don’t know is that this auction offers more than a casual lunch with teachers. Students can bid on getting locker priority, free football passes, or even Lamar Odom basketball shoes. Bids start at various prices, such as 40 dollars or even 400 dollars for the more exquisite prizes like a surf and turf dinner.

The West High administration hopes to raise a lot of money to support all facilities such as sports and ASB. Good luck to all the students and may the highest bidder win!

Note: The Online Auction runs until Midnight on March 30th and can be accessed at