West High’s Got Talent!

Julia Truong, Staff Writer

In high school, we always try to define ourselves through our colorful personalities and quirks. But for only once a year, these qualities can actually be shown to the entire student body. On February 24th, the Annual West High Talent Show took place in the Pavilion.

The seats filled up quickly, as everyone was excited for the performances to come. The show opened up with Dhanu Prathup (12) and Gaby Ferradj (12) as the MCs of the night. Introducing each act, the show began with the first act being performed by Julia Barrett (12) and Kaleb Davies (9). With melodious singing and intricate guitar accompaniment, the show started off to a good note. As the show continued, there were heartfelt performances given by Oliver Kim (12), Jason Wang (12), Phil Kang (12), and Habin Lee (11) singing Breakeven by The Script and Julia Springer (12) dancing to Make You Feel My Love by Adele. As audience members enjoyed these performances, the crowd became especially excited by the introduction of Sagar Mittal (11). Mittal’s presence in his sparkling green outfit had people on their feet as he danced to an original Indian Fusion song. With moves that had people cheering throughout the song, it was no surprise that the performance marked a successful first half of the show.

As the lights dimmed down for the end of intermission, audience members excitedly scrambled back to their seats for more entertainment. The curtains opened, and the seven West High Warriors appeared on stage. This year, the Drill Team decided to create a Co-Ed Hip-Hop group to dance for several events. The boys danced their hearts out on stage to various pop songs, with the audience cheering and calling out their names throughout the performance. After the dancing came the instrumental music from Senior Class President Peter Zhang (12), Secretary of Honors Rachel Yoo (12), and Russian Bleu Drummer Connor Edwards (11). The three did a rendition of Coldplay’s Paradise, a song that everyone could recognize and hum along to.

Towards the end of the show, the excitement did not stop there. Our own West High math teacher Mrs. Jasmine Kim played the piano to the mash-up of songs Someone Like You by Adele and It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. But ending the entire show, were four teachers singing a barbershop quartet called Coney Island Baby. Teachers Mr. Hettinger, Mr. Welch, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Roulette gathered around to perform a classic piece.

As each performer came up on stage for the finale, awards were presented to honor those who were the best of the night. What most students don’t realize is that performances don’t necessarily have to be related to music. Art, fashion, and ceramic pieces were displayed at the sides of the pavilion, honoring students who went above and beyond with their creative pieces. Art winners such as Rachel Shin (12) presented a delicate piece featuring an eye and Nitika Tripathi (12) drew a self-portrait of her friend Josh Meadows (12). Fashion pieces acted as a sneak peek to the upcoming annual show “Runway My Way” with original pieces designed from Advanced Fashion students such as Alexa Tokich (12) and Morgan Marsiglia (11). Creative pieces like vases and cartoon characters were designed by Jessica Andrews (12) and Rumshaw Masood (12), the first place winner of Ceramics.

As for the performances, winners such as Xia Rashid (11) in Vocals and Rachel Yoo, Peter Zhang, and Connor Edwards in Instrumentals were grateful for the outcome. But the sweepstakes winner of the night belonged to Ariana Evans (12), Alissa Clark (12), and Arizton Pamplona (11), winning best of the best with their group performance. The three performed an original song called Walking Into The Sun, playing six different instruments along with three vocals. The night ended with cheers and smiles as the 21st Talent Show came to a finish. Come back next year for returners, new talent, and more fun!