A Greener Vision

Jonathan Choi, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, January 25th, Sustainable Society, a class taught by Mr. Welch, brought the future of the world to West. Through a series of informative lectures and exhibits at the West High library, the future of energy and green power was unveiled to curious West High students. The event introduced innovative thinking and unleashed a greener way of life to the students of West High.

As the library filled up, the presenters took to the stage to talk about the specifics of greener technology. Min Su (11) presented a greener world where people donated their electrical appliances to reduce the number of toxic hazards at landfills and save the environment. In addition, Eunice Park (11) presented a piece on how to save energy by hanging clothes instead of just tossing the clothes into the dryer. The event lasted two hours as the various ideas were presented to the audience. Lynn Dinh (11), a curious spectator stated, “We walked around… and looked at posters.” The exhibits showcased bits and pieces of various innovative ideas to save the planet. Everything from ‘floating’ maglev trains to tips on how to save every watt of electricity was presented to the audience.

As the audience awed at the photos and diagrams that the Sustainable Society class had set up, there was an underlying urgent message. The one idea that was woven throughout the presentation was that of improvement in our country. Many of the projects that would have been considered innovative and even crazy have already become commonplace in many parts of the world. As the Sustainable Society students pointed out, “there is a dire need for change.” The tone of the entire presentation was directed at inspiring action and hope for a better future.