Operation Cinderella Comes to West

Chika Ojukwu, Staff Writer

   If there is anything fulfilling, rewarding and satisfying all in one, it’s giving back – not only to those you know, but to the less privileged around you – in your city, community, state or country. Operation Cinderella, a donation program aimed to help girls and boys around America who cannot afford to buy formal attire for Prom and other events does just that.
   Spearheaded by Grace Hwang (11), the main of intention of the program is to “help girls and boys who can’t afford formal attire – the donations allow them to fit in while removing the concrete barrier implicated in their minds that “I’m too poor.” states Hwang. When asked why she decided to introduce the charitable organization to West High, Hwang stated, “The fact that I collect dresses and I have interest in formal events led me to think that every girl should have the opportunity to be a princess for a day; It’s also important for us to realize that we are incredibly fortunate and it’s our duty to give back. While we remain obsessed with buying beauty products and getting manicures, some kids don’t even have the basics.”
   Mrs. Black, the program advisor, also agreed and added, “I think it’s an awesome idea, why keep stuff you’re not going to use? It teaches kids that giving back to the community is an honorable thing to do.” Operation Cinderella is also being sponsored through West High’s Interact. Interact president Katie Horton (12) verbalized, “It’s amazing to be able give back to those much less fortunate than we are and this program truly allows people to do so”. The organization accepted donations through November 18th in Mrs. Black’s room.