Dancing in the Dark

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

  The Homecoming Dance was a smashing hit. On October 21st, where the Varsity Football team unfortunately lost a close game, the queen was announced andKatie Horton (12) was crowned. At the dance, Horton proudly passed the king’s crown to Peter Zhang (12) as Mrs. Erickson announced his name.

   The gym was humid throughout every corner; and lights of all colors swarmed the room. Amanda Wolcott (11) exclaimed, “Yea, I had fun! It was kind of awkward with all the teachers walking around though.” The dance received emphatic reviews confirmed by several Facebook statuses. Adrianna Hymovitz (12) claimed, “I thought it was [absolutely amazing], but the DJ could have been better. The decorations were cool.”

   “Dancing in the Dark” was a successful theme. Glow sticks bent into all kinds of bracelets and necklaces. Corina Solorzano (11) mentioned, “One thing that struck me was that it was very bright, even though the theme had dark within its name.” Wolcott agreed, “There were definitely too many lights.”

   The new policy of no back to front dancing was enforced with a wristband at entry and if you were caught “dirty dancing,” it was cut off as a warning. If you were then pulled over again without a wristband, you were kicked out of the dance. Solorzano giggled, “Well my wristband stayed on, but I think it was a good idea.” Hymovitz declared, “It was an [effective] way to keep track of everyone, the writing on the arms [last year] was not really effective.”

   Acording to Solorzano, water and other drinks such as Gatorade were sold throughout the night. With the room being so hot and crowded, matched with the fact that everyone was dancing, the students started to work up a sweat and the refreshments satisfied the students greatly.

   The dance was a crazy and eventful night with memories that will last people a life time. Hopefully next year will be just as fun. If you did not go this year, make sure you attend the next one!