Homecoming Proposals: Go Big or Go Home

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

   When it comes to asking girls to big dances such as homecoming and prom– it seems the more extravagant the proposition the better Kids all over campus have been showing their creativity when asking that special someone to the upcoming dance.

  At the Top 15 Really it was hard to miss the guy with the microphone and the flowers being dropped from the ceiling– Peter Zhang (12) definitely upped the standards with that one. However, all across campus teenagers have been giving him a run for his money.  Zhang’s friend, Kevin Kamar (12), proved himself worthy with his magnificent proposal. Kamar hung banners from building four asking his girlfriend, Savannah Lee (12), to homecoming. The last banner had an arrow pointing towards a large box.  Kamar says, “In that box was a teddy bear I had given her a while back with a note that said ‘did you really think I would be in here…’” After she found the bear, he was then driven in on a golf cart with a half dozen red and white roses.

  On the other side of campus by the drama room, Allison Neureither (11)was asked by Grant Torre (11).  Torre had music playing from the movie Up, one of Neureither’s favorites, while he stood with a handful of balloons.  Neureither mentions, “I think it makes it much more memorable than simply walking up and asking. I think it [is] important.” Nicole Fernandez (11) stated she was asked,  “In front of [her] entire second period history class with flowers and the question written on the board.” Fernandez agrees, “Yes! Of course!” to whether or not the guy should go all out for homecoming.
From the guy’s perspective, Kamar added, “I don’t think a guy should go all out for homecoming, but I do think that if [he] asks a special girl to [him]– they should try and be creative, even if it is simple.”