Focusing on a Fresh Start

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

Tuesday, September 20th marked the first presentation of the year for all members of Freshman Focus, a renowned club at West High that is dedicated to providing freshmen with everything they need to know to survive their first year of high school.

Two to three Freshman Focus delegates took over each of the Health, Introduction to Business, and World Geography classes to give presentations. The topic of their first demonstration was office basics; an in-depth look at all the main offices at West and their specific functions was provided. In addition, they also gave descriptions of each of the eight buildings; where they are located, what types of classes can be found there, and more.  David Dorsey (9) thought that “learning the locations of the different types of classes was one of the most helpful things” that the delegates taught him.  His friend, Kaleb Davies (9), also agreed on the importance of that specific part of the lesson, because “the fact that all the buildings are grouped according to subject makes [him] feel like [he] is in a healthier, more organized learning environment.”

Jeremy Deckman (9) reflected on his experience at Warrior Welcome this summer; he proclaimed that “orientation really helped, and so did Freshman Focus because we got to learn even more about the school.”

When asked what Freshman Focus can improve on for next month’s presentation, Dorsey, Davies, and Deckman came to the consensus that it would be more enjoyable next time if there were fewer games.  Davies regretfully explained that he thought “the games were kind of pointless because we already knew each other, and they just wasted time,” as Dorsey and Deckman nodded their heads in agreement

Despite their slight dislike for games, all three found the presentation to be overall extremely useful, and are looking forward to their next Freshman Focus experience.