Time for a New Renovation!

Nicole Jeon, Staff Writer

Step onto the West High grounds and you noticed the messy construction taking place. These construction sites might look cluttered and muddled, but these sites were in fact undergoing renovation.

The school went under construction for a new type of irrigation system that can transport water to various parts of the school. This benefit saved money for the school. The school site supervisor, Mr. Smith describes that, “It [was] for replacing the ancient old irrigation system. The system did not work all the time but [instead the school] all new irrigation piping systems will use reclaimed water. [Instead of] domestic water, it was cost-saving to the school and the school district.” Using reclaimed water is not only beneficial to schools that use them, but also beneficial to the environment. By recycling and reusing water from rivers such as the Colorado and the Mississippi, communities will be less deprived of water, and pristine and sensitive ecosystems can be saved.

Because reclaimed water is checked and tested for its safety, it is definitely safe and high enough in quality to be put into use. Also, reclaimed water can be used for wetland preserves, agricultural irrigation, grass watering, car washing, and more.

As West High replaced the old piping system with a new one, the school could use reclaimed water for many parts of the school. Mr. Strong also added, “It [was] an upgrade of a system that is probably over fifty-years old. It was put in 1962 when this campus was first built. [For] some parts of these watering systems, you could not buy replacement parts for they were not available.” Camille Yong (11) stated, “The construction site looks messy, but I am glad that the school is saving money to use water for the grasses and plants. I wish it was not such a disturbance though.” Luckily it did not affect students as it was completed before school started.

With the new irrigation and piping system, the students and staff are able to see the advantages that the renovation has brought on for this school year.