In Memory of Ms. Elizabeth Szücs

Frank Davis, Staff Writer

   Shock stricken students still do not know how to contemplate their emotions; on Monday June 6th, the West High campus shared a moment of silence in the memory of Ms. Elizabeth Szücs who passed away last weekend. Many students reminisce about the pleasant times they shared with this compassionate foreign language teacher.  

   Ms. Szücs began working at West High over 10 years ago and she has inspired the lives of hundreds of individuals she taught during her lifetime.  “I was only in her class for about two or three weeks at the beginning of last year, but every day, she would be supportive and would try her best to get me used to being a new student at West,” recalls Duy-Anh Dang (11).

   Multiple Facebook pages have been created to show respect for Ms. Szücs, with over hundreds of comments leaving emotional commentary of how this beloved teacher had affected their lives.

   Many remember Ms. Szücs as a trustworthy teacher, such as Whittany Horton (12). She remembers, “She seemed honestly interested in helping her students succeed and she took the time to clearly explain. She really cared about her students. I really feel like she cared a lot.”

   In front of Ms. Szücs’ classroom, candles, flowers, and a giant piece of paper with hundreds of signatures as well as goodbye messages, show that West High is truly mourning for this loss. “Ms. Szücs was the most genuinely sweet and unselfish teacher I’ve ever had the honor of being taught by,” remembers Kiana Schmitt (10). She continues as she states, “I can honestly say that there was not one negative quality in her; she radiated kindness and consideration each day.” The vigil will be held Thursday June 9, in front of Ms. Szücs’s classroom (4101) at 6PM and everybody is invited to attend.