Top 5 Rally Pumps Up the Crowd

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

   As students entered the gym for the 2010 Top 5 Homecoming Rally many proudly displayed their class colors. While everyone took their seats, the band and the cheerleaders performed a number of songs.

   Once the spirited crowd sat in their assigned sections, Secretary of Spirit Alisa Wang (11) commended the seniors in fall sports this year. Throughout the ceremony she kept the student body entertained by encouraging classes to cheer for themselves to win class spirit points.

   After a quick set of announcements, Play Production performed a continuation of last week’s “Sexy Steve” skit. Playing the love interest to Sexy Steve, Tory Despres (12), Bethany Buckaway (12) admits, “It was nerve-racking [performing in front of the school]. I had to get the courage to do that.”  Acting out a skit with popular songs intertwined proved to be a hit once again as the crowd burst into a cheer, “Sexy Steve! Sexy Steve!”

   Before the Top 5 homecoming candidates were announced, the cheerleaders performed a routine filled with lifts and flips. Senior cheerleader Meghan Neureither (12) commented, “Rallies are such a great time; performing is such a rush.”

   Finally the time had come and the Top 5 were announced. As each couple was called down, a sign with their names floated down from the ceiling attached to balloons. One Top 5 nominee for Homecoming King, Tory Despres, noted, “I feels great, I wasn’t expecting it at all.” The identities of the 2010 Homecoming Queen and King will be announced at the next football game against Peninsula. Tickets for the Homecoming Dance must be purchased by Wednesday, November 2nd for fifty dollars with ASB, and fifty-four dollars without.