Senior Spotlight: A Glimpse at Behan

Jennifer Welch, Staff Writer

Kevin Behan (12) is a popular student on campus for a good reason: he contributes to West High both academically and athletically.

Kevin is currently on two West High teams: basketball and track and field.  He has played basketball since the age of six, and “was told that [he] was very agile, and should use [his] speed in track.”

Sports have always been an important aspect to his family. “My brother played, and he has been a big influence in my life,” Kevin commented. His passion for athletics, however, is not confined only to West High sports, as he plays tennis on his own time.

He is not only avidly involved in sports but also in academics. He is currently enrolled in Government/Economics AP, Statistics, French 4, Art, and Power and Justice/Thanatology. Additionally, Kevin participates in clubs on campus.  He is an active member of the Key Club, the French Club, and the Environmental Club.

In what little leisure time a seventeen-year-old has, Kevin, not only hangs out with friends, but also tutors fifth graders and relaxes by employing his musical abilities—playing guitar, bass guitar, and trumpet.

When Kevin graduates, he plans to attend UC Santa Barbara, where he will continue to participate in track.  Kevin chose this school because, he says, “The campus fits me, combined with the academic and social life, it was perfect.” While in college, Kevin hopes to major in behavioral psychology—later aspires to be a psychiatrist—as he has “always been interested in the way people act and think.” Well-rounded both on an off the field, Kevin is a Warrior that West will miss as the class of 2010 graduates this year.