Competition Heats Up

Bryan Phan, Staff Writer

   Club pride was evident during the week of March 15th as yelling crowds of high school students cheered on their friends and fellow members in the club competitions.

   The week began with a limbo line of forty contestants. As the bar fell lower and lower, only the flexible participants prevailed; the line rapidly dropped to five competitors in the first several minutes. Ultimately, athletic department representative Ali Nazari (12) topped the competition. Impressed, Michael Guan (11) stated, “It was extremely surprising that a guy could limbo the best.”      

   The following competition was not based solely on athleticism, but also on strategy. In the Pandora’s Box challenge, students attempted to construct the highest tower with balloons, strings, tape, and other materials. Although many towers toppled, Interact (which took 1st) and Debate (2nd) triumphed.

   Wednesday was karaoke day, and the music ranged from rap and hip hop to the national anthem. At the end, CSF placed 1st with its rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing”. An ecstatic Eleanor Ma (11) commented, “Singing was really fun.” As the competition progressed with the water balloon toss and the relay race, competitiveness heated up as clubs set their eyes on the $300 prize. Han Bae (11) summarized, “I think club competition is beneficial because it gives a better sense of school unity.”