Rancho Palos Verdes Speeding Car Results in Pedestrian’s Death

Esther Kim, Writer

On December 20, 2009 at 7 a.m., on Hawthorne Boulevard near Alta Vista Drive, a driver reportedly sped down the steep hill, when he lost control of his car and swerved onto the sidewalk, killing a pedestrian who had been walking uphill. The victim later died after being taken to the County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
Investigators stated that the 18-year-old driver, who had two passengers in his car at the time of the accident, was not driving under the influence. But if further evidence proves that, if in any way, alcohol had affected his driving, then he will be arrested.
If the driver was not under the influence, then the steep road may have been a factor to the car crash. West high’s Frank Davis (10) believes the incident was “the driver’s fault but it could also be the city’s fault for not warning drivers by putting signs about the dangerous area.” He feels “it was an easily avoidable tragedy and it’s sad that someone had to die for people to notice the dangers of driving incautiously.”
Investigation is continuing to uncover what exactly caused this accident.