Jingle Bell Rock Your Class Colors


The man leaders gave it their all during their performance to the song “Jingle Bell Rock” at the Winter Sports Rally. This performance helped them get ready to cheer at this year’s Powder Puff game the following week. Picture Courtesy of Freshmen ASB @officialwhsclassof23 on Instagram.

Alexssa Takeda, Co-Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, December 6th, students rocked their class colors of purple, red, blue and green at the annual Winter Rally. With twinkling holiday lights, colorful class banners, and the West High Band playing passionately, students slowly made their way into their respective sections of the auditorium. 

   To start off the rally, students were introduced to the winter sports teams. ASB welcomed Girls Water Polo, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and Wrestling to the gym. As each team was showcased, the captains of each team were invited to a game of “Reindeer Ring Toss”. The Girls Soccer Captain, Lucy Brandt (12) claimed her spot as the winner.

   After the announcements came a visit from the jolly old man dressed in red. The laughter and joy from Saint Nick effectively brought everyone’s holiday spirit to life. Mr. Claus spread his holiday cheer by giving out gifts to a few special students, handing out items such as a basketball, a doll, and beef jerky. 

   Despite the holiday cheer, some students did not think this rally was up to par. When asked how it compared to previous rallies, Isabella Santana (10) expressed, “I think the activities they did at the rally were more exciting. But I feel like, at least for sophomores, our decorations were lacking. They could have made them more colorful and they could’ve stepped it up a bit.”

   The dance performance by the man leaders took everyone by surprise. Enthusiastic shrieks erupted from the stands as students watched the guys dance to the “Mean Girls” version of “Jingle Bell Rock”. But their dancing suddenly came to a stop as the man leaders threw aside their Santa hats, breaking into an unexpected but impressive performance to “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas

   JV Cheer Co-Captain Eva Reyes (9) said, “The man leaders were really funny! The part that was the best was when they put on the old cheer costumes. We were surprised by how the uniforms fit them better than us.” 

   For the game of the rally, five students from each grade took part in the “Snowball Fight Competition”. The basis of the activity was to try to keep the least amount of snowballs in their section. After the snowballs, which were crumpled balls of paper, were emptied onto the floor, the game began. A flurry of snowballs and encouraging cheers came from each team as the game went on. By the end, sophomores came out victorious. 

  To prepare for the upcoming week of holiday lights, cozy apparel, ugly sweaters, and more, ASB gave students creative ideas in preparation during their “Spirit Week Fashion Show”.

   Finally, as all rallies go, students came together arm in arm for the Alma Mater. Warriors gave their last stomps of unity as snow fluttered down from the ceiling, signaling the end of the rally.