Student Spotlight: Savannah Starr


Amanda Peck

   As those who surround her know, Savannah Starr truly is a Shining Star(r). But what does this student do? What drives the widely known West High School senior, and motivates her to always do her best? Faith, philanthropy, and hard work are all key aspects that make up the student who plays an integral role in the community of West High.

   By virtue of her faith, Savannah is part of two religious organizations. Starr (12), “I’m with FCA and then also a small fellowship bible study called “Something Beautiful.” As she passionately explains her association with these religion-based clubs, it is clear that her beliefs have played a fundamental role in shaping her into who she is today. Starr adds, “…Faith has been the single constant in my life. Through every moment, I know that I can always depend on God.”

   Perhaps due to her denomination, Savannah is a most generous and giving person. Savannah, humbly, explains what charitable work is for her: “I think that knowing the love of Jesus and seeing it play out in my life is the primary influencing factor for whatever charitable things I’ve done. But, I certainly wouldn’t consider anything I’ve done particularly charitable!”      Back in her sophomore year, her philanthropic side shining brightly, Savannah made pillow cases and mobilized the school community to join her efforts. “The pillow cases were through my church from an organization called Royal Family Kids Camp which is for foster kids in need.” Often times when foster kids are being moved from a home, they never have things of their own. Thus Savannah, and her church, wanted to give foster kids something they could keep. 

   When asked what motivated her to do things for others, she simply answered, “because it’s fun!” She later expanded that “…it’s fun to do something I enjoy and to know that you’re helping–supposedly helping–someone else throughout the process.”

   Even though Savannah Starr is a young and faithful philanthropist, she is a student with plans for the future. “I do want to go to college; I’m thinking about studying nursing because I like the medical field and nursing is a good option where you don’t have too much student debt,” she exclaims jocularly. Just like everyone else, she doesn’t want to be met with the burden of student loan debt after graduation.

   Savannah is clearly a person who loves to care for people and, seen in her career choice, wants to take care of people in need. So who inspires/mentors such a well-rounded individual? “My speech and debate team, Mrs. Hastings and Mr. Ronnie, they have taught me so much about life. They’re so wonderful,” she gushes about the network of people she can look towards for guidance and support on West’s campus.

   Not only is this senior a great member of society, she is also known on campus as just an all-around, genuinely delightful member of the Tribe. Good friend, Briana Strader (12), couldn’t agree more. “…as one of my best friends, [Savannah] has provided endless support, care, love, and light in my life… Her ability to see the light and the good in things goes unmatched. I’m so thankful to have her in my life.”