Make Way For Med Club


Courtesy of Ulia Zaman

Alexssa Takeda, Co-Editor-in-Chief

   Excitement filled the air as Club Rush began on Wednesday, August 14th. Club leaders radiated enthusiasm, encouraging the bustling freshmen to join a community of others who are just as passionate about their interests as they are. 

   But among the dozens of other groups, a new club made their grand Club Rush debut: Med Club. 

   Whether you already know you’re interested in the medical field or merely testing out the waters, Med Club hopes to bring together individuals who strive to explore this field of study. 

   Med Club’s goal is to give students a place to explore their interests in the medical field. Club President, Mariam Rizkalla (11) said, “If they are indecisive and they don’t know exactly what kind of medical field they want. Should I do medicine? Surgery, cardio, neuro? It’s so it gives them a taste of everything.”

   According to Mr. Williams, the club advisor, “[Med Club] should be very informative for people, help people out if they’re interested in the medical field and just being able to meet different people.” 

   In addition, Med Club will also help students achieve their goals of going to medical school by offering helpful opportunities and the resources they need. The club wants to prepare students to enter the bigger world of medicine.  “It can provide a lot of information of different options for volunteering or different professions,” Mr. Williams said. 

  One of the clubs major aims is to express to others how interesting and complex the medical world can be. As Rizkalla explained, “My goal is to spread what it [the medical field] is actually like.” She hopes that with the newly introduced club, there will be more students pursuing a career in medicine. 

   There is still a lot to come from Med Club. If you’re interested in joining, stop by Room 5139, Mr. Williams’ room, where the first meeting will be held on September 30th. From there, meetings will be held every other Monday. 

   To all you future health care professionals and hobbyists, there’s a place in Med Club for you!