Something Beautiful: A Journey Through the New Testament


Courtesy of Noel Drouillet

Mariam Rizkalla, Staff Writer

Founded in 2017, Something Beautiful is a student-sponsored fellowship club that seeks to explore what lies at the core of the Gospel. Similar to other Christian fellowships, members of Something Beautiful share an exceptionally strong bond through prayer, as they learn to share and spread the love of God in their communities. Meetings are regularly held in Ms. Wang’s classroom, 4205, every other Tuesday, and are led by president Savannah Starr (11). In addition to free food, there is so much more to Something Beautiful that keep the numbers growing.

  A typical Something Beautiful meeting commences with prayer, usually led by the club president or the prayer board, then transitions into its organized bible discussions on selected scripture passages. Interestingly on special days, debates are also held on pertinent spiritual issues in our world today. Club and board members agree that these spiritual debates are indeed a remarkable bonding ground as everyone equally participates, creating a pleasant and supportive environment.

  Dissimilar to other clubs that may be led primarily by board leaders, Something Beautiful  encourages all members to speak and openly share their emotions and experiences. Most members,would agree that if there were to be one core Christian principle driving the club, it would certainly be prayer. At the end of each meeting, students are welcomed to drop off their prayer requests which the prayer board daily takes care of until the following meeting.

  You might still be wondering what truly sets this club apart from others, and that is what club members recognized to be the sense of family.

  Abby Newhart (9), a faithful club member commented, “I feel that the most powerful thing about this club is the fact that it’s smaller than usual fellowship groups so everyone knows each other well. It feels extremely connected since we are all united in our faith and fellowship.”

  To get a deeper insight into the club’s purpose and future vision, I interviewed its founder and president, Savannah Starr (11), to get a better sense of what she wishes to accomplish through this extremely unique group. She said, “I really wanted to start a club that combined two things: a safe place to talk about Christ, and an on-campus location that would allow for people to come together in fellowship. I hope that we, as a club, can carry out whatever God has envisioned for us into the next year!”

  I am thrilled to see how God moves this club over the next few years. Everyone is welcome to join us for our following meeting on Tuesday, May 28th — free snacks are provided!