Tests, Tests, and More Tests

Courtesy of The Conversation

Courtesy of The Conversation

Aleeza Adnan, News Editor

It seems like right before the promise of summer, beaches, and sunshine, high school students have to go through the torment of projects, exams, and grades. Students of all grade levels are stressing over the last couple weeks of school as they attempt to finish off strong.

  Advanced Placement students seem to bear the brunt of the struggles, as they are furiously cramming for the AP exams that are going on for the majority of May. Students have banded together to overcome these monstrous tests, helping each other out by forming study groups and sharing Quizlets with their friends. The Tutorial Club also held a cram session for AP tests in the library on April 26th to aid students along with professional Study Hut tutors.

  While many people are aiming for fives on these tests, 12th graders are trying hard to just avoid senioritis and pass these exams. Since college decisions have already been made, many seniors are ready to graduate and are not as stressed about the remaining school year and the tests that come with it.

  Daibik Chakraborty (12) said, “I have definitely been less stressed about AP exams this year than I was last year. Although I’m still studying to get a decent grade, I’m not too worried about getting a perfect score.”

  Juniors, on the other hand, have to prepare for AP testing and additional state testing, which begins the same week AP tests end. A double load of exams is the last thing juniors need during this month.

  Serena Rupani (11), one of the juniors who has to deal with this double burden, said, “Putting together AP exams, state tests, and finals just a week later is unnecessary and unfair. Our grades in regular classes are also impacted since we’re too focused on these large-scale examinations.”

  Freshmen and sophomores are a bit more at ease during this time, as few take AP classes, but, like the rest of us, are not looking forward to finals in June.

  Jana Abulaban (9) had her first taste of semester finals this year and commented, “Last year’s semester finals were quite stressful but there was a huge sense of satisfaction when they were over and I did manage to survive. I just don’t want to do it all over again.”

  Whether you are a junior stressed about all the upcoming tests, a senior counting down the days till this year is over, or an underclassman agonizing over finals, just remember that summer is right around the corner. Good luck with all your tests.