2019 Student Directed One Acts


Courtesy of West High Play Production

Zack Allen, Writer

Following the show Thoroughly Modern Millie, a few Play Production students have been given the task to direct their own shows. The Student Directed One Acts have long been a tradition at West and are now being showcased at  the new Performing Arts Center.

  The first group making a show is Haley Guinn (12), Sydney Stogryn (12), and Emilee Barnard (12) directing Book of Mormon. Unlike most productions of the show, they are looking for a cast of all women. The show is a comedic musical written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The production will make light of many Mormon beliefs while still having the main message be one of positivity.

  The second production features directors Anna Bernstein (10) and Nikki MacKenzie (12) in their show Amélie. The show is a musical about a shy girl in Paris that learns to branch out and even find love. In MacKenzie’s words, “It is a light hearted, sweet show that brings a smile to your face and uplifts your heart.” Bernstein and MacKenzie have worked tirelessly to abridge the full musical into twenty minutes.

  Next on the list is something that is not a musical. Dahlia Pacheco (12) and Alexander Dashuta (12) have chosen to pick highlights from a series of plays written by Ian Doescher, Star Wars Shakespeare. Pacheco stated “We are selecting from episodes one through six, mostly the highlights.” Star Wars is known for being set in a galaxy far far away, but now Pacheco and Dashuta are making costumes and props look as though William Shakespeare would use them in his plays.

  Laylani Jones has also created and is directing her one act. Her one act is a mash up of three songs from the shows Heathers, Guys and Dolls, and How to succeed in Business Without Really Trying, which is used to show what senior year is like. Her creation Entitled Senior Year will ultimately show how her and her other friends have seen senior year.

  Last but not least, I have written and am directing my own one act entitled Pirates and the Island that isn’t Safe. The production is a show which follows two rival pirate crews as they attempt to find the treasure of the island that isn’t safe. The show in its simplest form is a fun adventure featuring sword fights, jokes, skeletons, and a lot of excitement.

  Student Directed One Acts for 2019 are going to be a delight on May 23rd, which is show day. Auditions start on April 24th during workshop and continue into the following day during workshop and after school.