The Spotlight Shines On Women In Latin Entertainment

Danielle Perea, Co-Editor-in-Chief


  The Latin Recording Academy announced it would be holding a new event that would take place during the Latin Grammy week: Leading Ladies of Entertainment.

  The ceremony, held on November 14, recognized women that have made an impact in the Latin entertainment industry. This year’s recipients include Leila Cobo, Erika Ender, Gabriela Martinez, Marcella Araica, and Jessica Rodriguez. The honored women occupy positions such as CEO, vice president, executive director and singer/songwriter.

  CEO of Latin Recording Academy Gabriel Abaroa Jr. is a big advocate of Latina representation. He explained, “Women face a myriad of difficulties in the entertainment industry, but despite those obstacles, the women we are honoring have continually demonstrated perseverance, fortitude, and grace under pressure.”

  Alaina Arrieta (12) agrees with Abaroa’s explanation on the reason of the event: “I think it’s pretty important because not a lot of Latinas get recognition for the things they do.”

  Davina Aryeh, Chief Marketing Officer of the Latin Recording Academy, stated, “Acknowledging this issue … allows us to celebrate and learn from a diverse array of women who are leading and succeeding in their respective fields.”

  She also explained that proceeds from the event will be used for scholarships from the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation for women who want to study music.

  Despite the opportunity for recognition, Victoria Castillo (9), who listens to Latin music often, said, “If we want to do something about [inequality] then we should be doing much more. There should be more things to recognize these wonderful women.”

  Hopefully this event will pave the way for more opportunities of representation for women of color and overall diversity in the entertainment industry.