A Rising Star With A Touching Song

Courtesy of YouTube

Courtesy of YouTube

Barbara Lopez, Entertainment Editor

  Up-and-coming eighteen year-old singer-songwriter, Julia Brennan from Minneapolis released her single “Inner Demons” on November 11, 2016. The independent artist has already been discovered by three different labels, ultimately settling on Columbia Records.

  Mike Wass from Idolator stated, “The 18-year-old’s local radio station has a segment called Make My Monday… and truly made hers by playing a snippet of her debut single, ‘Inner Demons.’ It was good exposure for an independent artist… and her introspective ballad is now top 40 at HAC radio and expected to gain even more traction in the weeks ahead.”

  The song itself includes sorrowful yet beautiful lyricism, touching on the negativity that can get us all down at some point in our lives. This can be heard when Brennan sings, “Angels don’t give up on me today / The demons they are there; they keep on fighting / Cause inner demons just won’t go away.”

  Overall music enthusiast, Angel Hert (9) said, “It’s an inspirational song because [Brennan] is singing about the struggle, making it a bit easier for others to understand that it’s not as easy to get rid of this so called ‘inner demon’ as one may think it is.”

  Her voice is powerful, and there is even a juxtaposition between the dark lyrics and the melody that becomes livelier as the song progresses. The message is also painfully all too real, making it that much better.

  An aspiring musician himself, Kevin Kim (11) said, “The piano arpeggios were very moving, and the lyrics are relatable. She is asking the ‘angels’ to help her fight the ‘demons’ of the world, but the ‘demons’ actually just come from the inside and it’s a form of us putting ourselves down.”

  As for Brennan herself, she stated, “Inner Demons was [about] … [my] friend who was really struggling with family issues… She would always ask me for help and just to talk and so I kind of just thought, ‘Okay what if I write about it?’… That kind of inspired me to put my issues and her issues and other people’s struggles that I’ve seen into music.”

  Many can relate to Brennan’s song with its clear message of the trials and tribulations of life, yet there is also forms of empowerment in it: these obstacles ultimately make us stronger. “Inner Demons” can be found on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.