Mary Jane Legally Walks the Streets

Mary Jane Legally Walks the Streets

64 is now more than just the number between 63 and 65; Proposition 64 has legalized marijuana in California. Although it sounds as simple as smoking legally in the streets, it comes with prices to pay — in taxes, to be specific.

  West High’s students have added their input on the news. Ellen Butler (12) addressed the pros of Prop 64. She said, “I support marijuana legalization because it helps make access easier for medicinal purposes. It stops violent crime associated with marijuana growing and production. Plus, people are going to smoke it either way.” She added that “[she doesn’t] feel that marijuana legalization will affect me personally.”

  Kevin Kim (11) also commented on the matter. He said, “I feel it’s not right to have made something illegal when alcohol, which is worse than marijuana, is legal. Adding on to that, even if the price on marijuana is high, it’s because there is more demand for it.”   

  Just like yin and yang, the good always comes with the bad. Patrick McGreevy from LA Times provides a list of cons that many haven’t addressed yet. Besides stating the obvious fact that anyone under 21 will not be able to purchase pot, his article “10 things you need to know about legalized pot in California” brings forth the restrictions of pot.

  The article states, “Proposition 64 would allow the state to impose a 15% excise tax on the retail sale of marijuana. In addition, the state would be able to levy a cultivation tax on growers of $9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves.” It just goes to show that this new law isn’t just as simple as lighting up and not getting busted.

The article continues, “Selling marijuana without a license can result in a misdemeanor charge with penalties of up to six months in jail and $500 in fines.”

  No matter the circumstances, the legalization of marijuana might help the economy and put less people in jail.