A Coffeehouse Choir

Emily Partida // Leo Kim and Annie Bui singing Little Talks

Emily Partida // Leo Kim and Annie Bui singing “Little Talks”

Ashley Kang, News Editor

The West High School Choir Department showcased their talents at the annual coffeehouse performance this past Thursday.  The coffeehouse style production was set in a calm and relaxing atmosphere in Cafe 4, with candles on the tables to mimic the serenity of a coffee shop.  The concert had many performances, ranging from contemporary songs, such as “All of Me” by John Legend to the classic Broadway hit “Mamma Mia”.  In addition to the singing, there were ukulele performances by Lia Coffey (12) and Ivy Hoang (11).

  Performing is a nerve racking task. Knowing this, Jonathan Hernandez (12), the emcee for the night, said, “Being an emcee was easy in comparison to what the singers had to do. I have to give props to them, as it is not easy to sing a solo in front of family and friends, especially since it was a first-time for many of the performers.”

  Hernandez contrasted this coffee house style performance and Aristocracy, saying that “Aristocracy concerts are more cookie-cutter with everything meticulously planned.  On the other hand, this performance really showed each performer’s individuality.”

  Eunice Chong (11) sang two duets back to back-”Life of the Party” with Arthur Keeling (11) and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with Erin Lee (11) – and said, “Though I was nervous going into the performances, I felt better knowing that my friends were supporting me from the audience.”

  Many West High students, including Erika Koyama (12), came to support their friends.  Koyama said, “Though I came to watch my friend perform, I enjoyed all the acts and liked how every performer brought something unique to the concert.”

 The concert was a hit among the attendees, and spirits were high as family and friends congratulated their musicians for a successful night. The next musical performance is Aristocracy’s Winter Choir Concert on December 14th and Play Production’s “Juvie” this week. Come out and support the entertainment department!