New Clubs on the Block: Computer Science Club

Todd Potter, Sports Editor

   Computer Science Club is one of the new clubs on the West High campus this year and has attracted many people because it offers new skills not currently being taught.    

  President of the club, Julian Rachman (11) stated, “West High needs a Computer Science Club because we have no computer science curriculum let alone an AP Computer Science Course and therefore students aren’t exposed to the beauty of computer science.”

  Computer science is the study of automated algorithms and computational systems so that people can design, test, and analyze computer concepts.

   “The vision of the club is to educate, compete, and raise interest towards computer science,” said Richard Ruan (11), the ICC representative of the club.  

  Rachman (11) elaborated on this vision in saying, “The goals of my club are to forward the learning of computer science, to utilize computer science at the competitive level, and to spark an interest in computer science so that that can be passed on to the future.” club.”

  Rachman (11) wants his passion for computer science to be carried onto future West High students through this club.

  At the meetings, members will prepare for hackathons, two to three day events during which groups of people collaborate on computer programming projects and fully develop their ideas.  

  “So essentially the meetings will comprise of us learning the code and obtaining any hardware necessary for our project,” said Rachman (11).

  “He [Rachman] designed an entire website for the class [AP Physics] over the summer.  Their first project for the club is going to be designing their club website so he has proven very adept at multi-function web page design,” explained Mr. Simpson, the AP  Physics teacher and advisor for Computer Science Club.

  Computer Science Club is meeting every Monday at lunch and every Thursday after school in Mr. Simpson’s room, Room 6100.  The first meeting is on October 3rd at lunch!  Computer Science Club hopes to see you there!