Getting Creative With Art Club

Getting Creative With Art Club

Rachel Kim, Editor-in-Chief

  Whether a person can paint a replica of the Mona Lisa or struggle to draw a circle, Art Club encourages students of all grades to amp up their art skills. The club gives students a chance to socialize, learn, practice, and showcase their artwork while being in a creative and supportive atmosphere.

  According to art teacher and one of the supervisor for the club, Mrs. Lange, the focus of Art Club is “improving artistic skills without feeling a burden that [one] has to complete an assignment.” Lange also went on to say that the club does not have boundaries as to what they can and cannot create, so long as the material they produce is appropriate for the public eye.

  Another supervisor for the club, Ms. Kim, feels that the members of Art Club enjoy it because the students do not judge each other’s works. Yilei Dong (10) said something similar and said, “Art Club is a creative outlet for everyone here. We don’t criticize one another, but rather learn and get inspired from each other.”

  Edith Chang (9) had joined Art Club because she could not get art into her school schedule. She said, “I was super bummed when…I couldn’t take art, so my instinct told me to join Art Club.” When deciding to join the club, Chang had brought her friend, Annie Dai (9), to the club’s first meeting and Dai immediately joined after. Dai said, “Any form of art makes me feel free. After drawing for two or more hours, it’s really rewarding to see what I created.”

  Release your innovative side by stopping by at Art Club every Thursday in room 8101 during lunch.