Drama, You Nailed It


Ysabella Atehortua, Editor-in-Chief

With references to Justin Bieber’s new album and The Tonight Show, the fall play Romeo, You Idiot received numerous laughs from the audience. It was upbeat, light, and comical, with the occasional scare from thunder.

On Wednesday, November 18th, West High’s Play Production had their opening night for the Shakespeare spoof. This comedic take on the drama we all know and love had a large turnout each night, with almost every seat filled. Since September, this group of students has been working to make the play the best it can be.

Members of the audience as well as the cast of the play had fun being a part of it. Albert Fu (9) said “the play made [him] laugh and seeing people [he] knew from around school acting was an interesting experience.” People that have watched school plays can attest to that. Seeing the guy who sits across from you in English portray the grand Lord Capulet may be a little weird at first, but each actor made an effort to keep their roles and personal lives separate, which resulted in enjoyable experiences for everyone. They were completely different people when onstage.

Ayah Faqui (11) stated “the hardest part is really getting into the roles and the character choices. With comedy it’s hard because they give you the lines but it’s up to the actor to really portray it and deliver it to the audience to [make them] laugh.” The actors, however, made it look easy, by delivering line after line with hardly any mishaps and getting tons of laughs from parents to faculty alike.

Some first time actors were happy as well, with Alanna Bledmen (12) feeling like family with her new co actors. She said “it was so cool to be a part of something like that, [they] have all worked really hard and in the end everything payed off to make an awesome play.” This feel of companionship could be seen both on and off stage with many hugs and smiles for all to see.

From the set to the music choices, the play was designed to be comedic and it was a complete success. This spoof of a story of the well-known tragedy was a smart choice for this year’s play as it was relatable to everyone. To see more of Play Prod watch One-Acts and the spring musical coming later in the year!