Adele’s Successful Comeback

Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

Adele has finally made her her long-awaited 2015 return to the music industry after a three year hiatus.

 Her hiatus began with her pregnancy, as she gave birth to her son, Angelo, in 2012. Adele claims that it was because of the birth of her son that she came back to music three years later, as she says her son made everything seem better.” Daniel Hermosisima (10) said, “Adele’s comeback is so far very strong, and she’ll probably add another Grammy to her shelf of fame.” With such positive feedback, it’s very simple to understand why her new single was such a big hit.

 Adele opened her return by releasing her hit single ‘Hello’. The song broke Vevo Records, placing itself at 27 million views in a 24-hour period. It also sold 1.1 million digital songs in its first week. The facts don’t lie as fans relish her songs and, like Elizabeth Kondo (10), have said, “’Hello’ seems to be a song naturally derived from Adele’s personal experiences, so it makes the song seem so natural and perfect.” Adele tends to style her songs in a fashion that gets listeners to enjoy the emotion she puts through it.

 Adele’s singing style is world renowned, as critics have said in the past that there, “is little doubt that she’s a rare singer”. Her voice has earned her six Grammy awards, tying the previous record set by Beyoncé. As Evan Loh (10) says, “She conveys her emotions throughout her songs really well.” In her songs, especially in ‘Hello’, her emotion seems to resonate with her listeners. This is the beginning of Adele’s upcoming third studio album, 25, as she will be expected to build on ‘Hello’ and come out with more emotional and heartfelt songs.