Technologically Current

Technologically Current

Madison Kuhlmann, Staff Writer

Most people invest more time in their electronic devices than anywhere else. Currently, two of the main poisonous applications are “Stockfuse” and “Crossy Road”.

In theory “Stockfuse” teaches younger minds how the stock market works while treating it like a game; however, it also allows them to take risks and make decisions that should never be made in reality. This game takes the lines of reality and make believe to a point far past blurred. “Stockfuse” was created as a game to help people understand what caused the stock market crash in the 1930’s (one of the largest components leading to the Great Depression). While on the other hand, “Crossy Road” is a remake of the 80’s classic “Frogger”.

Ten million downloads in a month for a game that sold three million copies in 1981, not bad considering the substantial price cut and the store being at your very fingertips. Once you have “Crossy Road” you can spend 13 dollars for the top sold characters in an attempt to make your game more colorful, more fun, and a greater distraction than just a chicken in the original city-like setting. These characters can be anything from a dog to a unicorn and each one seems to have its own personality of sorts. The colors are slightly more vivid considering the growth in graphic design and programing, but otherwise the original game was left in tact.

“Crossy road helps me get my stress relieved and distracts me when I don’t know what to do,” said Ryan Uyehera (12)

“Stockfuse” has twenty thousand downloads in its entire existence while only thirty-five of those are from the last week and is steadily losing its good standing popularity. Maybe people are realizing that the game does not live up to expectations in purpose. While on the other hand, still maintains its 4.8 star rating on the apple app store. Perhaps the intended audience has already made their minds up, while outsiders simply do not understand the pull.

“Stockfuse is good because people get to do something useful with their life and learn more than the average mindless games. Crossy Road is good because it helps people relax and manages to do Frogger justice,” said Evelin Pinto (12).

  “Both apps are just another game to have, I won’t die with or without them and neither will anyone else,” answered Bryant Nguyen (11).

Many things can be said for the great magnetism electronics have on us and it’s difficult to understand what developers were intending as they created these games; but one thing is for sure, at the moment they are a hit!