Roger Waters and Nick Mason Reunite

 On April 18th, Roger Waters and Nick Mason, two remaining members of the groundbreaking progressive rock band, Pink Floyd reunited at Mason’s concert in New York. Waters’ surprise appearance had fans on their feet cheering and excited to see the two members together again.

  “I’m so happy to be here playing with Nick. We’re very, very close and old friends,” remarked Waters, reflecting on his long relationship with Mason.

  The reunion marked the first time the members played together in years. Pink Floyd was the one of the biggest bands of the 1970’s but had broken up in the 80’s due to increasing tensions between members Waters, the bassist, songwriter, and singer, and guitarist and singer, David Gilmour.

  While Pink Floyd continued on under the direction of Gilmour with his bandmates Nick Mason and the late Rick Wright until 1995, Waters remained absent from the band for the rest it’s existence.

  However, a one-off reunion with Gilmour, Mason, Waters, and Wright in 2005 happened at the Live 8 Music Festival for charity. A few years later, Gilmour made a surprise appearance at a Waters solo concert in 2011, but the band remained split.

  Daleyn Almarez (11), a fan of Pink Floyd, expressed his thoughts on the potential of a reunion. “I don’t feel like [a reunion] is likely, unless it’s like Live 8, where it was a charity event. But I don’t think either Roger Waters or David Gilmour are going to admit either of them were wrong. And the fact that Rick Wright is dead adds to it. Personally, I don’t ever see it happening, as much as I want it to.”

  Despite the breakup, each member continued to perform with their own respective solo careers, releasing albums and launching their own tours which were all critically and commercially successful. Mason launched his own tour late last year and is continuing until the end of this year. The tour consists of songs from Pink Floyd’s earlier years, playing songs from the band’s discography from 1967 to 1972.

  Dylan Wakayama (9), who is a fan of the band commented on the long standing feud between Waters and Gilmour. “I feel like the feud shouldn’t still be going on. It’s just a feud of egos. If your gonna put your egos in front of your musical work then that’s just stupid.”

  Mason says he has hope for a one-off reunion similar to Live 8, even if it is unlikely. Fans of the band will have to wait and see if Mason’s hopes and possibly their own will come true.